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Florida is Frightening

Florida is one state that seems to frequently make the news. Here’s a list of some of the creepier things that have happened in the sunshine state!

Bermuda Triangle

One of the tips of the Bermuda Triangle sits here in Miami. Many ships and airplanes are said to have disappeared in this area, completely without a trace. There are many theories to what is at the root of the Bermuda Triangle, from aliens to the lost city of Atlantis.


Skunk Ape

The Skunk Ape is comparable to Big Foot, with it’s name coming from the smell that it gives off. It is said to stalk the Everglades, which is home to some species not seen anywhere else. At 1.5 million acres (it’s the 3rd largest national park in the lower 48) it’s hard to say what all may be lurking in there…


Disney World Happenings

Located in central Florida, the happiest place on earth is said to be home to a few creepy happenings.

1) The Haunted Mansion ride is said to be haunted by the ghost of a little boy who’s ashes were scattered there (which seems to be a semi frequent occurrence here).

2) Pirates of the Caribbean is said to be haunted by a ghost named George. Cast members are said to say good morning and goodnight to him to keep the ride running smoothly.

3) There’s an urban legend that someone was actually decapitated on Space Mountain. While this has been disproven, it’s still terrifying to think about.

4) The Tower of Terror is haunted by the ghost of an employee who had a heart attack.


Reference 2

Castillo de San Marcos

Located in the oldest city in America, the Castillo de San Marcos was built in Saint Augustine in 1672. While the fort is home to a number of spirits, for this post I’ll be focusing on the ghost of Dolores. She moved to Saint Augustine with her husband Colonel Marti. Working under him was Captain Manuel Abela, who Dolores quickly took to as her husband often left her feeling neglected. Their affair was discovered by her husband after he smelled her perfume on the captain. The two vanished, with the colonel stating his wife was moving back to Spain after becoming ill and the captain was sent to Cuba for assignment. Decades later though, their bodies were discovered entombed in the walls, left to die after being locked away. Visitors to the Castillo now claim to feel like they’re being watched as well as being able to smell Dolores’s perfume.


Saint Augustine Machete Murder

Saint Augustine is also home to a grisly unsolved murder. In 1974 Athalia Ponsell Lindsley was murdered in broad daylight with, you guessed it, a machete. Only one person has been tried for her murder, Alan Stanford, but he was aquitted in 1975.


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