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Haunted Savannah Hotels

Being the most haunted city in America means we probably have our share of haunted hotels, right? Read on to find your perfect spooky stay!

17hundred90 Inn

The 17hundred90 Inn is home to not one but three spirits! Two haunt the restaurant portion of the building. Thaddeus is a little boy who haunts the restaurant and there is an unnamed spirit that haunts the kitchen; this is the most unfriendly of the three as it’s known to throw pots and pans at the staff!

Most famous at the hotel is the ghost of Anna. She’s said to haunt room 204 and has a knack for rearranging clothes and other items that belong to guests. While the origins of Anna are often disputed, there’s no denying that this room isn’t haunted by someone!

Kehoe House

The Kehoe House is rumored to be haunted by the two of the Kehoe children that died in the chimney, but that’s been heavily disputed. One thing that hasn’t been disputed about the house is one of it’s former uses; it was once a funeral home. With the number of souls passing through it’s doors, it’s no wonder some have decided to hang around!

Marshall House

Of all the hotels on this list, the Marshall House is probably the most haunted. It was once a hospital during the Civil War, so the spirits of fallen soldiers are often seen roaming the halls. There’s said to be an amputee victim that roams the lobby, looking for a doctor.

There are also children that are said to haunted the building (likely the result of a yellow fever epidemic). One of the children is said to leave bite marks on visitors!

Foley House

While the Marshall house is probably the most haunted, the Foley House probably has the wildest reputation. There is a ghost of a man that can be seen wandering through the garden, known to the staff as Wally. He’s known as Wally because during renovations in the 80s there was a body found IN THE WALLS! The story goes a guest broke into the room of the inn’s owner, Honoria Foley. She killed the intruder in self defense but was still worried about the consequences, so she turned to a friend who worked in masonry to help her; they hid the man in the walls and he wasn’t discovered for mor than 100 years!

Hamilton Turner Inn

Not only is this inn haunted, but it’s said to have inspired the architecture for Disneyland’s haunted mansion. Maybe something on the inside inspired the ride as well? It’s often said that you can hear children running and playing in the halls late at night, usually rolling billiard balls back and forth. Too bad there’s not a billiard table left in the house to explain it away…

All references can be found on my recommended reading tab, under Georgia.

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