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Haunted Bridges

“The Haunted Bridge”

Avon, IN

First up is what is simply referred to as “the haunted bridge.”

As with many hauntings, particularly bridges, the legend behind it is particularly tragic. A young mother was walking on the bridge with her baby when they both fell to their deaths after a misstep. Locals believe that you can still hear the mother screaming, looking for her child. To keep from hearing her scream they honk their horns as they’re driving under the bridge.

There are other legends that surround this bridge as well, relating to workers and it’s construction. One construction worker is said to have fallen and was “buried alive in wet cement.” This literal nightmare has caused people to hear him moaning whenever a train passes. Another worker related legend involves four men falling to their deaths into the water below; there’s nothing seen, but something or someone is often heard falling into the water.


Helen’s Bridge

Asheville, NC

**Trigger Warning**

This bridge is home to North Carolina’s version of Bloody Mary. Though instead of summoning her in the bathroom mirror, you first have to drive up the windy side of a mountain to the site of her death.

Helen is said to have hanged herself from the bridge after her daughter’s death in a nearby house fire. If you’re feeling brave (or crazy depending on who you ask), you can summon her by going to the bridge at night and saying her name three times. Some claim to see her searching for her baby, many others say they have car trouble at this spot. I didn’t try to summon her on our visit here, but the longer we stood there the more fog rolled in. I was ready to go after a few minutes!

I had this story & photo featured in Ghostwatch Zine Volume 18


Suicide Lifeline

Helen’s Bridge, Asheville, NC

Old Maggie’s Bridge

Seaford, DE

Not only do most bridges have tragic back stories, a lot of the stories relate to mothers and their children, which hurts my heart.

Maggie Bloxom was a mother to be who was traveling by carriage several hundred years ago. The horse got scared and took off running, which caused her carriage to flip over into the water. While it sounds like a lot of urban legends that often don’t have a lot of facts behind them, Maggie Bloxom was buried in a nearby cemetery.

Similar to Helen, there is a way to summon Maggie, however it is somehow more cruel. People go to the bridge and call out, “Maggie, I have your baby!” After this, you’re able to hear her screaming in the woods.

This bridge has been named, “Delaware’s most haunted road.”

And, side note, as I was researching for this post my computer started freaking out and kept shutting off even though it’s at 71% battery.


Jericho Covered Bridge

Kingsville, MD

No one seems to know what is causing the hauntings surrounding this bridge, though it sounds downright terrifying.

People spot apparitions on the bridge as well as claim that their cars stop in the middle. Others say that there are handprints on their car once they’ve passed through. Some of the apparitions that are spotted on the bridge are said to be hanging from the rafters. And most horrifying of all, there’s said to be a demon with red eyes that dwells under the bridge.


Cry Baby Bridge

Columbus, GA

It feels like a lot of places have a “cry baby bridge.” I found four different states that have at least one when I was researching this one. I picked this one though because I’ve seen it on a few “most haunted” lists for the state of Georgia.

The legend says that a local family was expecting a new baby, but they didn’t have a lot of money so the father decided to take the baby’s life without his wife knowing as soon as it was born. The doctor took the baby away and, horrifically, threw it from the bridge.

The bridge is now haunted by the infant as well as it’s mother who is looking for them. If there is a full moon it’s said that you’ll be able to hear them both crying.


Leave a comment with any haunted bridge stories you want to sharer or which of these five you would visit!

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