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Georgia Is Eerie

Here’s a list of some of the strangest and creepiest happenings in our home state! Photos indicate places we have been to.

Altie – Cryptid

Altie is a sea monster, similar to the Loch Ness Monster. It is said to live in the waters of the Altamaha River (Altie is short for Altamaha-ha), with most sightings occurring in Darien along the coast.


Guidestones – The Unknown

The Georgia Guidestones are located in Elbert County in the northeastern part of the state. They are a giant set of instructions on what to do in the event of the apocalypse in several different languages. We know who built them and there’s also a nearby plaque giving the dimensions (16 feet tall, 40,000 pounds each and holding up a 25,000 pound capstone) and how they line up with the sun/stars. What we don’t know though is who commissioned/designed them or what their real purpose was (other than freaking out people in the Bible Belt).


Olympic Park – True Crime

Centennial Park in Atlanta was once the site of great tragedy. During the 1996 Olympics someone placed a bomb inside the park which would go on to kill 2 people and injure over a hundred others. Many know of this case due to the misidentification of Richard Jewell as the bomber.


Dolls Head Trail – Unusual

This creepy trail just outside of Atlanta is an art display along a nature trail. The artist used things that were thrown away (mainly dolls) and recycled them into art. We attempted to find this trail but had a hard time doing so. Maybe the next time we’re in town!

Monkey Massacre Memorial – Unusual

There can be a memorial to anything, including a massacre of circus monkeys. Back in the day it’s said that a circus train crashed in Northern Georgia, allowing the monkeys to escaped. Unfamiliar with the animals, local hunters shot and killed all of them. In John’s Creek you can now find a memorial for these monkeys built by an anonymous artist.


Cursed Pillar – Haunting

This pillar in Augusta looks pretty average, something you probably wouldn’t think twice about. But, it’s apparently been cursed. It’s said that a preacher has wanted to give a sermon in the city market but was banned from doing so. In response he said, “ a great wind would destroy the place except for one pillar and that whoever tried to remove this remaining pillar would be struck dead.” Not too long after this a tornado blew through and did just that. And the pillar has been there ever since, supposedly killing people that have touched it. Well, now it has been destroyed in a car accident. From what I’ve read the city has plans to put the pillar back. Why though?!


Sorrel Weed House – Haunting

Seeing as Savannah is the most haunted city in America and this is the most haunted home in the city, that would likely make it one of the most haunted homes in the state. You can read more about this haunting on my Savannah’s Haunted Homes post, but to give you an idea, this has been the site of a Revolutionary War battle, was a surgical site in the 1800s in the basement, and is where the homeowner’s wife committed suicide (and he later committed murder.)

Moon River – Haunting

Still in Savannah, this haunted brewery has played host to many ghost hunting investigations as it’s said to be one of the most haunted spots in town. The basement seems to be the most haunted part of the building with a spirit named Toby that’s been known to get physical with people.


Central State Hospital – Abandoned

Located in Milledgeville, this former psychiatric hospital has a range of purposes today; these span from buildings being used by a local college, to buildings being flat out abandoned and labeled as unsafe. The buildings are surrounded by 25,000 unmarked graves of former patients.


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