Cryptids of the South

South Carolina

First up is the infamous Lizard Man! Did you know the South Carolina Emergency Management Team released a warning in 2017 during the eclipse because they weren’t sure if the phenomenon would make the creature more active? Thankfully, it didn’t seem to. While many go hunting for cryptids, this is one that I would avoid. At over seven feet tall with glowing red eyes and a penchant for attacking and tearing apart cars I think I’ll steer clear of the Bishopville area!


Scotland has Nessie, Vermont has Champ, and apparently Georgia has Altie! Short for Altamaha-ha this cryptid hasn’t gained quite the fame that their distant relatives have seemed to. It’s said you can see Altie swimming through the Altamaha River, particularly around Darien. He’s even featured on their welcome sign!


Most may associate Big Foot with the Pacific Northwest, but in the opposite end of the country South Florida residents are claiming to have encounters with the Skunk Ape. Named for it’s unfortunate stench, the Skunk Ape is said to roam the Everglades, eluding even the most avid cryptid hunters. I’ve even been told a story by a follower where they’ve heard strange roaring at night while staying at a ranch in South Florida, believing it could be the Skunk Ape!


Alabama has it’s own take on Big Foot, the Alabama White Thang! Many describe the creature as looking like a typical Big Foot, except it is all white. Others have described it as having a body of a kangaroo and the head of a cat…a little all over the map! One thing most accounts have in common are the smell (like the Skunk Ape) and the fact that it moves really fast!

White Thang


While I’ve never been to the swamps in Louisiana, I have heard of an interesting cryptid that’s supposed to live out here, the Rougarou! This creature even has it’s own festival in Houma, LA. It’s a werewolf like creature that’s said to lurk in this area. Like many legends, this one was used to keep kids from misbehaving, telling them that the Rougarou would get them if they were bad! The legend also seems to target those who are not devout in their religion; you’re said to become a Rougarou if you don’t practice Lent for seven years!


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