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American Horror Story Rankings

Here’s where I rank the seasons of my favorite show so far!!

1. Coven

The story. The cast. The location. There is so much to love about this season. I love the story of the coven, I love the tie ins to Marie Laveau and New Orleans history (while it is dramatized, make sure y’all check out my blog post about the media’s portrayal of Voodoo – Vodou Fact vs Fiction). While I get she’s the “bad guy,” I absolutely love Fiona Goode. Jessica Lange and Angela Bassett make this season, which I will watch again and again.

2. Murder House

The first season will always have a special place in my heart. And, honestly, if it wasn’t for the witchy goodness that was season 3, this would probably be my favorite season. I love the way the stories all intertwine and come together. And I know a lot of people didn’t like it, but I love how this season keeps getting revisited via “American Horror Stories.” I loved this season so much, I’ll always need more. 

3. 1984

I loved this season because after a few seasons where there were so many story lines and so much mess to sort through, this one just seemed like a simple return to basics. Classic horror movies are my favorite, and how much more classic is a haunted summer camp stalked by a serial killer? 

4. Hotel

I was not a fan of this season the first time I watched it, it seemed like they were just trying to do too much. The second time around I watched it though I really liked it. Maybe I needed to watch it again so that all the stories made sense, but like with Murder House I love the way it all intertwined and I thought the ending was perfect.  

5. Asylum

This season was very similar to Hotel for me where I thought there was too much going on. The second time I watched it I liked it better, but I didn’t quite warm to it the same way I did to Hotel. I think the aliens are what get me. I’m watching this season again now since my husband hasn’t seen it and there are a lot of things that are perfectly terrifying and it has amazing themes. But…I can’t get over what feels like the randomness of the aliens. 

6. Freak Show 

I’ll be truthful: I didn’t watch this season for years. Why? I hate clowns. HAAATE. When I watched it though, I fell in love with a lot of the “freaks” in the show and ended up enjoying the season. I will watch it again (again, my husband hasn’t seen this season) and I can get past the clown thing. This season makes me so sad though over the treatment of people that are different, it can be a lot.  

7. Apocalypse

I love Coven. I love Murder House. So…why so low?? I thought this season was really slow going to start. Like there was so much build up and then it just took off like crazy. The two teens you’re introduced to in the beginning suddenly don’t seem to matter anymore (until the very end, which I didn’t like the ending here). Also watching this season, especially the first episode, is so hard; it’s so scary because it could be real. When the newscaster realizes he won’t make it home to see his kids and tells them he loves them? I sob. 

8. Roanoke

I know a lot of people don’t like this season and would rate it last. I liked it, at least I liked the first half. Maybe it’s just because I love a lot of those “My Ghost Story” type shows so it was semi-nostalgic for me…I’m not sure. I think it started off really great but then the second half….eh.

9. Cult

I don’t want to watch this season again (and I don’t care that my husband hasn’t seen it). It’s too scary because it could easily be real. The home invasions, the mass shootings, the political mess. I could watch the news for that so…hard pass.

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